Mall of the Netherlands


Ballast Nedam Bouw & Ontwikkeling Speciale Projecten Nieuwegein
MVSA Architects Amsterdam


The Leidsenhage shopping centre is being transformed into the ‘Mall of the Netherlands’ . The full-scale renovation began this year. In cooperation with Unibail-Rodamco and other partners, we are transforming the old shopping centre into a new, fully covered complex of 116,000 square metres. The façade lines will guide visitors inside through different entrances.

The latest trends in the dynamic retail sector demand a tailor-made, unifying design. Conceptually, the aim was to suggest a veil draped ‘gracefully’ around a body like a second skin. The shape of this veil provided the basic premise for the spectacular façade design. Flowing lines and shapes added tot floors and ceiling will guide shoppers spontaneously through the complex’s figure-eight loop.

TGM’s scope of delivery consists of:
9300 m2 – Concrete cladding (‘veil’)
9300 m2 – Timber-frame façade
9300 m2 – Steel structure
1800 m2 – Aluminium curtain wall
1250 m2 – Steel curtain wall
4050 m2 – Aluminium
950m2 – Green cladding
225 m2 – Natural stone cladding
Four automatic sliding doors at entrances
53 doors.