Planned maintenance of the façade and its components

Maintenance when mentioned in some quarters is regarded as a requirement that only needs to be attended to when some thing goes wrong and many building owners and occupiers have learnt that this approach is foolish and expensive and in some cases the cause of serious accidents.

Some typical failures of facades are ppc finishes where facades have not been cleaned as described in the maintenance documents leading to a build up of corrosive material on the ppc surface, areas that are at a greater risk are marine environment’s ( salts ) or inner city’s with high levels of traffic pollution.

There are other parts of the façade that require periodic maintenance and this information will be supplied by the façade supplier as part of the building operation and maintenance pack that should be issued after practical completion or in the case of a large project as and when the faced requires maintenance in line with warranties/insurance of the component supplier.

The operation and maintenance manual should contain the following information as minimum:

A.    As built information and detailed drawings of the façade

B.    Access statements

C.    Operation instructions

D.    Maintenance instructions and frequency periods

E.    Repair guidelines from component suppliers

F.     Replacement Method statement and Risk assessment

G.    List names and contact details of all component suppliers

H.    Record log for planed maintenance and repairs.

Under CDM regulations and guide lines designers/Architects of buildings are duty bound by law to consider the following points but not limited too when designing buildings.

A.    CDM Regulations

B.    Working at height Regulations

C.    Permanent /temporary access

The cost of totally removing a façade that has not been maintained is more than double the original cost of the façade it is therefore sensible to carry out planned maintenance as described in the operation and maintenance manual and to seek advice form façade specialist on the most cost effective approach to maintaining  the façade.