Realisatie van gevelprojecten

The art of smart building is not about TGM having the solution. It is about cooperation and open communication. This attitude is hard-wired into our culture. It is what enables us to not only create a good finished product, but also to complete it faster and more efficiently by integrating construction processes and logistic flows.


Our buyers are scrupulous in ensuring that all materials are supplied on time and with the right guarantee certificates. All in accordance with applicable requirements and commitments, to guarantee quality and turnaround time.


TGM has the components it purchases assembled into the finished product by regular partners in the Benelux region. Our partners work with the best available production methods and tools.


Under the supervision of our foremen, our skilled technicians assemble the products on site into the completed solution. Our efficient construction methods and excellent logistic coordination with other construction disciplines ensures that this process goes quickly and smoothly. That's smart building.

Project management

TGM designs its construction process for the minimum possible waste of material and time. We do this by consulting properly with all parties and adapting fast and flexibly where necessary and where changes arise. Transparency and responsibility are in our blood.