Frederikkazerne, Den Haag

Frederikkazerne, Den Haag

One building – two faces

The Frederikkazerne is the newest hotel accommodation of defence in The Hague.

The major part of thermal skin of the building is composed of HSB elements with aluminium frames. A shadowbox construction on the outside of the building is established with coloured foil and semi-transparent glass, which gives the façade a dynamic appearance. The aluminium strips are completing the picture by their peaceful horizontal appearance across the façade. Due to Western Red Cedar cladding the façade of the courtyard has a natural look that effortlessly blends into exquisitely landscaped garden.

The general areas are provided with, by the TGM developed, HV60 façade system. The HV60 façade system is a hybrid curtain wall with laminated timber on the inside and aluminium frames on the outside.

TGM was involved in the construction activities of this building, already in the pre-design phase. The design, engineering, production and completion of the Frederikkazerne had the following scopes:

  • 6.000 m2 HSB façade
    • 1.400 m2 shadowbox
    • 1.100 m2 aluminium cladding
    • 1.200 m2 western red cedar cladding
    • 2.300 m2 discernment windows and sliding doors
  • 2.250 m2 HV60 curtain wall
  • 220 m2 cladding installation area

One of the key features of the project was the extremely short timeline.

Completion: October 2012

Heijmans Utiliteitsbouw B.V., Rosmalen
Broekbakema, Rotterdam
Façade type: 
Windows & Doors
Curtain walls
Fully unitides façades
Fire-resistant screens
Entrances & doors
Closed façade cladding
Timber frame construction