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Service en Onderhoud
Service en Onderhoud

Service and maintenance

When you have an attractive façade on your building, you want to keep it that way. Good technical and aesthetic maintenance not only prevents damage and helps your façade maintain its value, but, equally importantly, ensures that you are in compliance with the warranty's maintenance obligation. That's why TGM offers all the knowledge and expertise to keep your façade looking and functioning at its best in the long run.

What we do

Maintenance goes further than professional cleaning of glass and profiles; it also comprises things like maintaining the functionality of moving parts and locks, caulk connections, and construction-technical joints, which are inspected and repaired by our VCA-certified technicians. When you choose a project-specific multiyear maintenance contract, you know exactly what the maintenance will cost you every year and what advantages it offers – like a longer manufacturer warranty period.

Good for material and environment!

Not all façades are created equal. Modern architectural materials like large glass panes, plastic cladding, aluminium profiles, and granite demand an entirely different approach from brick, mortar and concrete. TGM has the right method and the right products for every material, and that's good not only for your façade but for the environment as well.

Service: fast and effective

Whenever damage strikes your façade, whether from storm, break-in, or breakage, you can reach us 24 hours per day. We will be on site fast to fix the problem, always taking the primary processes in a building into account. We adjust our activities and schedule to keep nuisance to a minimum.