TGM Engineering

Drawling on our ambition to always achieve the highest attainable result, our team of engineers has all that it takes to go from your need to the innovative façade solution you are looking for. From design to workshop drawings, TGM handles the entire engineering process using the latest state-of-the-art tools. And we don't just do this for TGM's own projects; other façade builders, architects and consulting agencies rely on our specialized skills.


Our experienced CAD engineers have an extensive digital library at their disposal, which puts all conventional profile systems in steel, wood, and aluminium, as well as a treasure trove of our own proprietary profiles, right at their fingertips. Naturally, this database is continually updated with the latest technical knowledge and information.


For visualizing and coordinating complicated façade solutions, TGM Engineering uses 3-D models that can be integrated into a BIM environment. BIM (Building Information Model) is an advanced online software solution that allows engineers to compile and coordinate all information on a building and its surroundings.

Online communication

In addition to BIM, TGM also works with other online communication systems like File2share, Extranet, Docstream, Buildonline, planConnect, Livelink and Fusion. These allow all required information about the construction process to be saved centrally, to give all construction partners access to the correct and the most current information at all times. The result is improved communication, higher efficiency, and a significant reduction in cost of failure!