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Nothing is as sustainable as the sun that rises every day

We know that future generations will want to enjoy the beautiful world we have today! That's why in all its consulting and projects, TGM considers the surroundings of a building and the world in which we live.

A sustainable façade:

  • uses as much recycled material as possible, such as recycled aluminium, or sustainably grown materials like FSC® or PEFC-certified wood.
  • insulates well and saves energy, with features like triple glazing, vacuum panels, or double façades.
  • controls climate naturally by using smart methods to store and distribute solar energy, light, air and heat.
  • is low maintenance.
  • is designed to give both users and passers-by a pleasant experience throughout its life.
  • is manufactured by sustainable businesses that also take responsibility for the environment and the future in their corporate strategy and personnel policy.

Progress on new school concept IcDubo: TGM installs experimental façade

The guiding principles behind the construction and layout of this two-level project are the five themes of the Fresh Schools project: energy, air quality, thermal comfort, acoustic comfort, and visual comfort.

The two classrooms are located one on top of the other, are insulated, and are heated and ventilated, making them the perfect place for classes, workshops, meetings, and presentations. For more information about the potential, please contact IcDuBo.


  • FSC®: SCS-COC-000652-AN